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About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We use state of the art equipment including IR Thermo Imaging and old school methods to ensure you receive the most complete report possible. Our home inspection include:

* roof, vents, flashings;

* gutters and downspouts;

* skylights, chimney and other roof penetrations;

* decks, stoops, porches, walkways, and railings;

* eaves, sofit and fascia;

* grading and drainage;

* foundations and crawlspaces;

* water penetrations and foundation movement;

* heating systems;

* cooling systems;

* main water shut-off valves;

* water heating system;

* interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;

* electrical service line and meter box/service panel;

* main electrical disconnect;

* electrical panels, sub-panels, breakers and fuses;

* grounding and bonding;

* GFCI's

* fireplace damper, inserts, door and hearth;

* insulation and ventilation;

* garage doors, safety sensors and openers;

* carports, out building and workshops;

* attic space, joists, roof sheathing, seismic bracing when accessible

* built-in appliances that are part of the home sale;

* counters and cabinets;

* garbage disposal, electrical connection, drain pipe and air gap;

* doors and windows;

* walls and ceilings;

* pools and spas (limited)

* and much, much more!


Electrical Service Panel.


 A/C with Edison energy

auto cutoff installed.



Unlike regular digital cameras that cature images of the visible light reflected by objects, thermal images create pictures by detecting infrared energy or heat. The thermal imager then assigns colors based on the temperature differences it detects.

Thermo Imaging allows American Home Inspection to:

*   Conduct Home Energy Audits, a considerable amout of energy loss is

actually temperature related. Hot and cold air leaks from a building are an

obvious issue. Identifying and correcting building leaks can save $100's

over a period of a year! The Department of Energy estimates that 15% can

be saved on energy bills when an energy audit is conducted and repairs


*   Your homes insulation in both the walls and ceiling if not consistent can

cost you money. Thermal imaging can detect gaps that are causing you

increased energy costs each day!

*   Wall and roof penetrations can allow energy loss and may allow water to

enter the building.

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*   The heating, ventilation and air conditions (HVAC) system is usually one of the biggest energy consumers within a home. By inspecting the compressor and coils, fans and blowers, ductwork and registers, and electrical connections we can identify the areas that are working or a mechanical imbalance that may cause

failure in the near future.

*   The Electrical System, many people don't realize that electrical systems can actually waste money. As components degrade and resistance increases, waste occures. We can check the electrical service panel, circuit breakers, lighting and control circuits. Overloaded circuits can fail, create shorts or overheating, an can cause damage to the home and injury to the occupants.

* Water leak detection. Most inspectors when they see a water stain on the ceiling or wall will use a moisture detector to see if the area is wet. With IR thermal imaging we can identify the presence of moisture, and in most cases trace the water flow within the walls, slab or ceiling to the source. No more guessing if it's a small

problem or a major expense to correct.

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SewerScan Contractor/Technician

American Home Inspection is an Authorized SewerScan Contractor/Technician. We scan the buildings main sewer line in an effort to identify areas of suspect damage, deterioration and/or clogs from scaling, debris or tree roots if present and accessable. The purpose of any scan service is to document problems in the sewer line, we are not a repair company. Our inspection is designed to comply with accepted industrial standars when at all possible and will be performed in a non-destructive manner. We document our finding with videos and/or photographs of the area/drain line. Sewer Scans are conducted as an additional service and not included in the cost of the Home Inspection. Please see pricing page for additional information. SewerScan is subject to property conditions and may not be applicable to some homes.

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